Why Work Here

Genuine – POMCC is here to support the honest and hard working therapists.
Acknowledging the boundaries of what therapy can and cannot do for a client. We strive to support your career growth and that of our community.

Flexibility – Manage your own schedule to support a work/life balance.

Quality Supervision – Whether working toward licensure or already established, focus will be on enhancing quality of care and development of your skills as a clinician.

Office Location

Freehold, NJ

Open Positions

Full-time Psychotherapist
– Seeking to get your hours towards LPC and needing Clinical Supervision? I will be able to provide you with the supervision needed to be an effective clinician. Benefits package and support for CEs.

– Ideal for a Fully licensed clinician wanting flexible schedule and your billing handled efficiently. Benefits package and support for CEs.


Part-time Psychotherapist
– For someone fully licensed (LPC, LCSW, LMFT) and would like the option of working in-person or virtually.

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CEO Note

Community is one of the most important obligations we have to one another. My military experience was eye opening to what creates and maintains a strong sense of community. Later, while working in advertising I saw the impact, the good and the bad of what influences have on the public. This prompted my career change to be a mental health therapist, and now I’ve been actively practicing for over 10 years. During my professional career, I’ve worked under both good leadership and conversely clinic administrations that would have you burnt out in months. My dream has been to build a group practice where clinicians would consistently receive individual and team supervision to ensure that patients get the best care possible and so that clinicians can mentor and learn from one another. It’s through our mutual benefit as a team that we will be able to provide the best clinical care.



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