No, we do not accept clients who are not a good fit to work with us, who aren’t ready to make a commitment to therapy and accountability, who are disrespectful to our staff, or who aren’t willing to adhere to our company policies. Additionally, upon initial contact we ensure that the client is entering into the correct level of care and if not, will refer you to an appropriate level of care. (e.g. MH Clinic setting)
No, insurance does not view this as a medically necessary service.
No, this is not a medical service.
We accept coaching clients who live all over the world. For psychotherapy, we can only accept clients who are located in the state of NY, NJ, FL at the time of their service.
Coaching can be provided by anyone with a particular skill set and/or lived experience. Coaching is not a licensed profession and is not a healthcare service. Coaching is generally short-term and future-focused, whereas therapy can be long-term, is provided by licensed professionals only, can render a diagnosis, and is considered a healthcare service. Therapists are required to undergo rigorous education, training, and continuing education. Therapy can target past experiences such as trauma that contributes to current symptoms and views.
No, however, we will support you getting connected with a provider in your area. Additionally, we have several referral relationships to utilize as well.
We provide telehealth and in-person sessions at our Freehold, New Jersey location.

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